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With an aim to encourage innovative thinking amongst students, Rajnibhai V Patel Trust instituted PharmInnova Award at the academic level of Pharmaceutical Sciences in India. The Award is given to students pursuing their Masters & Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Winners of 2013-14
  Mr. Vannuruswamy Garikapati
Guide: Dr. Anand P. Gadad
  Mr. Dhagash Vora
Guide: Dr. C. S. Ramaa
  Ms. Suchi Raghunathan
Guide: Dr. Bhoomika Patel
  Mr. Balaraju Pagilla
Guide: Dr. Sama Venkatesh
  Mr. Tandel Devangkumar Bhagvandas
Guide: Dr Purvi Shah

Winners of 2012-13
  Ms. Wankhede Sonali Shantaram
Guide: Dr. N. S. Ranpise
  Ms. Krishna A Gajjar
Guide: Dr. Anuradha K. Gajjar
  Mr. Dhaval S Bendale
Guide: Prof. Kulbhushan Tikoo
  Ms. Pradnya Y. Chaudhary
Guide: Dr. Chhaya H. Gadgoli
  Mr. Anand S. Gupta
Guide: Mr. Sanjay J. Kshirsagar

Winners of 2011-12

Mr. Mukesh Hotkar
Guide: Dr. (Mrs.) A. M. Avachat
Mr. Vikrant Vyas
Guide: Prof. Mrs. M. S. Phoujdar
Mr. Devang Khamar
Guide: Dr. C. S. Shreedhara
Ms. Gargi Lakhwani
Guide: Dr. Priti Mehta
Mr. Sai Balaji
Dr. Nanda Kumar

Winners of 2010-11
Mr. Khusman Asodariya
Guide: Dr. Gayatri C. Patel
Mr. Kuldip Barot
Guide: Dr. Manjunath Ghate
Miss Ekta Patel
Guide: Dr. Rameshvar K. Patel
Miss Yati Desai
Guide: Dr. Shailesh A. Shah
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