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Winners of 2010-11

  Mr. Khusman Asodariya
Guide: Dr. Gayatri C. Patel
  Mr. Kuldip Barot
Guide: Dr. Manjunath Ghate
Miss Ekta Patel
Guide: Dr. Rameshvar K. Patel
Miss Yati Desai
Guide: Dr. Shailesh A. Shah

Runner Ups of 2010-11
  Mr. Mahek Shah
Guide: Dr. Tejal A. Mehta
  Mr. Ravichandra Patel
Guide: Dr. C. N. Patel
  Miss Avani P. Shah
Guide: Dr. Tejal Gandhi
  Mr. Sheyas S. Patel
Guide: Mr. Keyur B. Ahir

Glimpses : Year 2010-2011

Chief Guest :
Dr. Anil Gupta, NIF, IIM Ahmedabad

A bicycle that runs over water as well as road, a low-cost milking machine that works on the principal of vacuum suction, and a bamboo tooth that's strong enough to bite into chicken. These and many similar innovations haven't been born in sterile research laboratories they come from the backyards of rural India. Bringing them to the public eye is Prof. Anil Gupta. An energetic professor at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), is a devoted supporter of grassroots innovations.

Positions held

  • Prof. Anil Gupta is founder of Honey Bee Network, that provides a voice to creative farmers, artisans and grassroots innovators
  • Executive Vice Chairman at National Innovation Foundation (NIF), a government-funded yet autonomous scientific society that reaches out to innovators and acknowledges their achievements
  • Coordinator at SRISTI and a member of National Innovation Council (NIC), Chaired by Advisor to Prime Minister. His blog covers inspiring grassroots innovators, his experiences from Sodhyatra, a journey for exploring local creativity, ethical issues in conservation and prospecting of biodiversity, and how organizations can become more creative and innovative by learning from grassroots innovations.

Apart from many other awards Mr. Anil Gupta has been conferred the prestigious PADMA SHREE award by Govt of India. For his distinguished achievements in the field of management education.

Winners & Runner Ups
Photo Gallery
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