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  Organized By:
Rajnibhai V. Patel Trust
Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
In Co-ordination with:
L.M. College of Pharmacy



The PharmInnova Award, organized by the Rajnibhai V. Patel Trust and sponsored by Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd., stands as a significant recognition in the field of pharmacy. This distinguished accolade finds its coordination and support from the renowned L. M. College of Pharmacy.

Together, these entities collaborate to honor outstanding achievements and innovations within the pharmaceutical realm, showcasing their commitment to advancing the industry's excellence.

Organized By:

The Rajnibhai V. Patel Trust serves as the CSR wing of Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd, established in loving memory of its founder chairman, Shri Rajnibhai V. Patel. The Trust is dedicated to advancing education in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Despite the multitude of Pharmacy Colleges in India engaged in research at both Master's and Doctorate levels in Pharmaceutical Sciences, the quality of work at many institutions falls short. To inspire and encourage young researchers and their research guides, the 'Rajnibhai V. Patel Trust' instituted the PharmInnova Award, recognizing the best thesis in pharmaceutical sciences.





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