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In Co-ordination With:

L. M. College of Pharmacy

L. M. College of pharmacy aims to offer world class pharmacy education to fulfill the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and health needs of the society at a large and to achieve excellence in pharmaceutical research.

L. M. College of Pharmacy (LMCP) was founded in 1947 on a humble donation of Rs. 3.0 lakhs by the family of late Seth Shri Lallubhai Motilal after whom the college is named. The college is run by the prestigious "The Ahmedabad Education Society"

The current intake capacity of D. Pharm. B. Pharm. and M. Pharm. is 120, 77 and 40 respectively. We have trained 4400 D. Pharm., 3400 B. Pharm., 750 M. Pharm. and 45 Ph.D. during the last 50 years.

The state of Gujarat produces more than 40% of the drugs manufactured in India. One of the reasons for such a phenomenal growth of the Pharma industry in Gujarat is the presence of LMCP in the state.

The performance of the students in the Gujarat University and competitive examinations (GATE, GPAT, NAPLEX, TOEFL, etc) is par excellence. The campus placement is almost 100% for the postgraduate students. More than 60% of the graduates are settled in USA.

The major strength of the college is the experienced staff members and modern research laboratories. The college's library is considered as one of the best pharmacy library in our country. The college has filed ten patents in Indian Patent office, Mumbai after 2002.

The research work of the postgraduate students and the Ph. D. students is regularly published in leading international refereed journals. The college regularly receives financial assistance from the funding agencies such as AICTE, DST, UGC, GUJCOST, etc. About 60 lakh Rs. has been received after 2000 for modernization of laboratories.

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Efforts will be made in future to have strong tie-ups with industry and to introduce on-line programs for the practicing pharmacists.

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